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Sign-Up For Volunteer

Sign-Up For Volunteer – Volunteers carry out the significant work of FACC – they are considered to be the backbone of our organization. Volunteers provide mission-oriented support to cancer patients and their caregivers, strengthening the survivor’s ability to overcome challenges and find resources for living within necessary limitations. The primary goal of the volunteer is to provide sensitive, non-threatening support for other cancer survivors and their loved ones.  Our volunteer tries to help the patient, not by counseling, but by being a friend.  He or she attempts to create the atmosphere in which the survivor can be most comfortable in releasing and clarifying feelings about his or her experience. The volunteer helps alleviate the anxieties of the survivor, worries about personal obligations or about current and future medical procedures. Volunteers serve in various leadership roles and have the ability to work alongside with committee chairperson on a specific or general led- projects/initiatives for the organization.

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