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Board of Advisors 2022-2024

Jessica McNulty

Advisor  (Clifton Virginia) -Jessica is happily married to Chris, a mother of two children, and a loyal friend and sister. She considers herself a storyteller by occupation, is training for her first amateur boxing fight, loves to read,  watch her daughters Irish dance, and dreams about visiting Greenland and Antarctica one day. She is also a native of southern New Jersey and a Commander in the United States Navy.  She is the first female Sailor in a family with naval service spanning four generations. She’s very proud to have served our nation at sea, ashore, in combat, and in multiple overseas locations for 19-years. In her current position, she's had the privilege of supporting three Secretaries of Defense directly as a Department of Defense Spokesperson for the Middle East, Central Asia and the African continent during unprecedented times. Jessica obtained her multiple masters degrees - Master’s of Arts Degree in Strategic Security Studies; Certificate in Weapons of Mass Destruction, 2020 from the National War College, Washington D.C. and Master’s of Arts Degree in International Relations, 2021 - from Salve Regina University, Newport, RI. While Completed her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology, 2003 – from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. While there, she also completed a one-year study abroad at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, England and at La Escuela Naval Militar de Oficiales in Galicia, Spain.  She was commissioned as a naval officer through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program in 2003. Furthermore, as a breast cancer warrior and survivor to both parents committing suicide and the nation’s broken foster care system, she embodies grit, resiliency and tenacity.  She is deeply passionate about these topics and thinks there should be more discussion, resources and advocacy in society and the military services.  Her life has taught her the importance of empathy, compassion and what’s needed to take care of one another.  She’s also values and encourage emotional intelligence in leadership and to continued that dialogue in all her endeavors. She brings an extraordinary academic, military background, diversity of thought, and zeal to all she does.

In the future, she aspires to attain her Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology in order to serve others and be trained in the assessment, diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases having to do with the brain, behavioral problems, and emotional instability.

Shirley V. Tanuyan 
Advisor BSN RN CDP (Anaheim, California)
- Shirley is the Founder & CEO of Origins Home Health Care & Origins Home Health Care Plus that has generated over 7 figures income & has created more job opportunities merely within a short 2 years of founding home care despite challenging situation & fierce competition.  She started her nursing career at a very young age. Coming from a big family and a culture of love, care and respect for their parents, she helped them take care of her younger siblings while they went to work to meet their financial needs. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing to start her formal nursing career in a government medical center.  In 2003, Shirley was diagnosed with breast cancer.  For her, it was a shame and stigma to have cancer.  She did not want to tell her friends what she was going through thinking they would feel pity on her and she was ashamed.  Even after she went back to work, when her colleagues asked her if she is okay, and if she was ready to go back to work, it made her upset and angry. She always tells them that she’s okay and they should not be soliciting or asking confidential information. She survived her oral chemo treatment and radiation went well. She went for every 6 months to follow up mammogram for several years after and was followed up by her surgeon.  Shirley is thankful for the gift of life that God gives her. She believes that nobody should be alone in their struggle and giving  hope and encouragement to others through sharing your own story, may be what they need to hear that makes a difference between hope and despair.


Amabel-Nugpo De Leon (Rancho Cucamonga, California)

Advisor - Amabel Nugpo-De Leon is the Author of the book “BLOOM ON THE BATTLEFIELD” from Ranco Cucamonga, California.  She grew up in the Southern part of Mindanao, Philippines.  She finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Central Philippine University in Iloilo City, Philippines.  Amabel immigrated to the US from the Philippines in 1995 to be a Registered Nurse then she founded VANURA HOMEHEALTH SERVICES INC. in 2001 after realizing she needed to do more than working in a hospital and skilled nursing facility at the age of 29.  Amabel was inspired by her Mom to share and serve others with compassion.  Her late mother Zenaida Nugpo was a Lab Scientist in California who died in March 15, 2000 at age 56 from Multiple Myeloma. Amabel Nugpo-De Leon is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President of VANURA HOMEHEALTH SERVICES.  Amabel manages more than 250 employees at Vanura.  The simple love for good patient care outcome allowed her to keep dreaming and creating new companies to help and serve others. Driven to care for her family, having a strong minded parents who poured amazing wisdom growing up, a very smart and talented husband who supports and helps her manage the Vanura Homehealth Services with great teams around, continuous education and her faith in God allowed her to become who she is today.  Amabel and Allan De Leon have 3 loving sons Alec, Aaron, and Andre.

Mrs. Chan is a respected community leader in the DMV area and she is an (orbital lymphoma) Eye Cancer Survivor.  She was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.  She currently serves as the President of Notre Dame General Santos City, Philippines Alumni Association and Past President of Kababayan Inc. in Northern, VA.   Mrs. Chan finds joy in helping other people and has been active in doing charity works in the Philippines and United States.  She is  married to Allan Chan Sr. and they have 4 grown up kids and 4 grandchildren.  She is the loving mother of Talented and World Class TENOR ALLAN PALACIOS CHAN.  Mrs. Palacios Chan believes that raising cancer awareness is important in saving the lives of others.  Mrs. Chan is the CEO of Travel Agents Inc. and she lives in Woodbridge, VA with her beautiful family.

Jonathan Anotado Gapilango (Lakewood, New Jersey)
FACC Board of Advisor

Jonathan Anotado Gapilango, MSN RN OCN CCRP NE-BC (CPU BSN 1993), is the President Elect of the Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey, U.S.A for 2022-2024.  He was the Director of Cancer Administration, Community Medical Center (CMC) from 2004-2020 and was recently promoted at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital/CINJ as Administrative Director for Oncology Performance Measures & Oncology Accreditation.   Jonathan is an adjunct Professor in NJ and in the Philippines, Georgian Court University, Pinelands School of Practical Nursing & Allied Health, Inc. and Central Philippine University. 

He has achieved numerous Outstanding Achievement Awards for the Cancer Program in the United States and is the First Filipino Nurse surveyor  at the National Accreditation for Breast Cancer Programs (NAPBC) for US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dubai and South Africa (41 members are physicians).  

Jonathan was born and raised in the beautiful island of Buenavista, Guimaras, Philippines and home of the sweetest mangoes.  He is the youngest of the 4 siblings.  He became an orphan when both parents were hit by lighting in 1984 at the age of 12.  He was raised by his grandmother who taught him the fear of God and the value of education.  Through the financial support of the family, he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a nurse.  

Jonathan was a consistent honor and student leader since elementary to college.  In high school, he graduated valedictorian and attained the highest title in the Citizens Army Training as the Corps Commander.  He graduated at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Class 1993.  Jonathan is a man of faith and service. He is also a big supporter of the fight against cancer.

Vette “IVY” Pray (Baltimore, Maryand)
FACC Board of Advisor 

Ivette “Ivy” Pray is a wife, a mom (of 2 adult kids), and a nurse. She works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with a Maternal Child background for the past 28 years. She is a strong advocate and a strong supporter of the fight against cancer. She enjoys volunteering and helping others. She enjoys helping when and where she can. As a member of the Board of Advisors, her goal is to support Ms. Josie Ziman’s mission and vision for FACC and to be there for those affected by cancer. She plans to advocate for our community and help educate everyone she comes across about FACC and its goals. FROM IVY: I was asked to be a member of FACC’s Board of Advisors in November 2022. Before I begin, I’d like to explain the timeliness of everything. I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. It was just this past October 2022 when I first met Ms. Josie Moralidad Ziman’s face to face. Thanks to Aissa and Ray Encomienda for introducing us. I had a few short conversations with Ms. Ziman regarding her plans and goals for her growing organization. It was at that moment when I realized that I wanted to volunteer for her biggest fundraiser for FACC… The FACC Fashion Show featuring Filipino designers showcasing their talent where many of the models were cancer survivors. I was so impressed with the size of her heart. I knew I wanted to be side by side with Ms. Ziman reaching for her mission and vision to help give to those struggling with cancer. The next month, in November 2022, Ms. Josie Ziman asked me to be a member of the Board. I was so thrilled but didn’t know how to respond to her. What she didn’t know was that I was going through my own struggles. I was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer. By Mid- November, I saw the oncologist and made the decision to have surgery in January 2023. I have now recovered and am ready to celebrate life WITH YOU ALL!

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