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Josie Moralidad Ziman

President/Founder (Alexandria, VA)
Josie Moralidad Ziman, 50, is the President/Founder of the Filipino American Cancer Care, a federal and state recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) established in 2020.  The mission of the Filipino American Cancer Care, Inc. (FACC)  is to C.A.R.E. about Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, and anyone that is medically underserved in the Philippines and United States by assisting those impacted by cancer. 


Josie is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2018.  She is a radio journalist and credentialed White House Correspondent for Radio Mindanao Network (RMN), Iloilo City, Philippines.  Josie was a staff writer for a now defunct Manila Mail newspaper in the Washington DC.  She is the author of the book “The Filipino-American Journey” published in 2019.  The book is a collection of inspirational stories that highlight the qualities and values that are synonymous with the Filipino people: hard work, resiliency in the face of adversity, faith in God and in family, enriched with the nurturing bonds of community.


Josie anchors a weekly radio program “Pilipinas sa Amerika” featuring the life experiences, survival and success stories of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in the United States. The radio show is broadcast every Saturday from 10:30-11 pm (Eastern Time) and Sunday from 10:30-11 am(Philippine Time). It is live streamed online and on Facebook. She also anchors the radio show in PHLV Radio Las Vegas, Nevada “On The Air With FACC” along with FACC BOD Richie Vicente.  


In 2018, she received an award for being an outstanding  community leader by the United Federation of Filipino American Educators in the United States or the UNIFFIED and outstanding journalist 2021  by the Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League or PACCAL. In 2023, she received the International Golden Globe Achievers Award. Josie was born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines and she has an identical twin sister named, “Juvy Gibson” who works at Naval Crime Investigative Service (NCIS).  Josie arrived in the United States in May 2002 as a journalist.  She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Barry Ziman who is a Lobbyist and Director for Government Affairs at the College of American Pathologists in Washington D.C.  Josie and Barry are the loving parents of a good natured dog “General.” Josie’s hobbies include taking pictures of the flowers and butterflies in her flower garden, cooking and reading.

Vellie Dietrich Hall

Board Member (Cullen, VA) - Mrs. Dietrich-Hall a long-time resident of Northern Virginia and a successful small businesswoman, who became the President and CEO of HPS Enterprises, a 28-year-old management and consulting firm that deals mostly with the US Department of Defense (DOD) contracting services.  She also owns a Diamond Hill Retreat, Bed and Breakfast in Charlotte Court House in Virginia.  Vellie is a multi-awarded community leader in the US and recipient of various national and international awards.  Vellie is a strong contributor and supporter of women’s shelters and women around the world who live in impoverished conditions, who are trying to reestablish themselves. It is for this reason Vellie’s offers many gift items that support the livelihoods of these women and a strong supporter in the fight against cancer.


Evelyn Bunoan

Board Member (Fairfax, VA) - Evelyn Bunoan a Proprietor/Master Chef, Philippine Oriental Market and Deli, Arlington, VA 1978-present, Food Columnist, Manila Mail, a Filipino-owned fortnightly newspaper in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area (more than 10 years as a columnist). Chef Bunoan was a recipient of the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) (100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. 2009). Founder and President, CHEW (Cancer Health – Eat Well) Foundation which helps and cooks pro bono for Filipino-Americans afflicted with cancer and other serious illnesses.  She served and volunteered on various NGOs: International Cake Exploration Societe, Philippine Medical Mission of Mercy, USA. Bahaghari Productions -- Promoting Philippine cultural heritage (Exec. Director) Migrant Heritage Commission, Envoy for Unity and Service.  Married to Oscar S. Bunoan, Chief Engineer, GPO (Ret.); (Columnist, Manila Mail) Children: 5 professional children – Russell, Rondy, Frances, and Ronald, and Ariel.         

Richie Vicente

Board Member (Germantown, MD) - Born in Bulacan, Philippines. Mr. Vicente has over 22 years in banking and business development industry Currently with PNC Bank Greater Washington Area market sales and leadership -Vice President Business Banking Division, GWA Supplier Diversity Liaison Richie is the President of the Rotary Club of Gaithersburg, MD, that sponsors a Week Summer Camp program dedicated for children with cancer that offers therapeutic services similar to everything a child without cancer enjoys at a traditional camp. He has served as a board member of the Olney Chamber of Commerce since 2004-2011. He's been making a difference across Montgomery County as a volunteer instructor for financial literacy classes since 2002, in Gaithersburg, Damascus, Germantown, Olney & Rockville area.  The highlight of his career has been the services in the community both consumer and business that he’s been involved in doing so, one of the recognition he received was the Olney Chamber Of Commerce award in 2008 "Business Person of the Year".


Januario (Warie) Azarcon, Esq.

Board Member (Ashburn, VA) - Mr. Azarcon has practiced law since 1981 in the metropolitan DC area.  His law practice covers business and personal bankruptcies, domestic relations, family law, immigration, and physical injuries.  A principal attorney at Sawyer Azarcon PLC since 1987, he is a member of the bars in Virginia, the District of Columbia, as well as the Philippines.  Mr. Azarcon has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines, Quezon City, the Philippines in 1975, and a Master of Comparative Law from George Washington University, Washington, DC in 1981.  He has extensive experience in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 personal and business bankruptcy filings. He served in various NGOs in the DMV area. 

Carl Abella

Board Director (Bethesda, MD) - Carl is the CEO and Owner of Alpha Travel Services for more than 4 decades, graduated with a Master's degree in Business Administration with HONORS @ George Washington University In Washington DC.  He is the first Filipino to become a member of Amadeus which is the worlds leading travel technology to power better journeys for billions of people.   He is a multi-awarded community leader and had been one of the recipients of various Filipino-American awards.  Carl was born and raised in Sampaloc, Manila.  At a young age, he lost his mother to ovarian cancer. Deprived of funds and food Carl became homeless and worked odd jobs to feed and clothe himself.  Some good friends and their families took him in and even helped him go to school.  He came to the U.S. in 1972 after graduating from high school with the intention of making his life better so he can also help the people who were once hungry like him.  Often times at the gift-giving activity, Carl would carry big and heavy bags of chocolates and other snacks to give to the poor kids in the Philippines. “You don't know how it feels to be hungry and long for food or for something as simple as a chocolate.” Carl would always say that and would travel all over the Philippines including remote places like Calauit, Palawan, the slums of Manila, and the mountains of Luzon and Davao.  He is always excited to meet the locals and wanted to tell them that Filipinos abroad haven’t forgotten them. That they should strive to better themselves and pay forward what they have received.

Maria Zenaida Deza Steinhauer

Board of Director (West Orange, NJ) - Zenaida came to the United States in 1986 with her twin sons Patrick and Cedric.  She is the daughter of the late Dr. Ernesto C. Deza, a psychiatrist who practiced both in Iloilo, Philippines, and in the United States.  He died in the early 70s in the Philippines a year after he retired. Zenaida’s mother was from Banate, Iloilo from the Brillantes family. She passed away in 2012 in the Philippines.  Zenaida is an alumna of St. Paul College Iloilo, a nurse by profession, and married to a Jewish person, William (Bill) Steinhauer.  As a retired nurse, Zenaida wishes to make a difference in the life of every cancer patient by serving the community.  She believes that Filipino-Americans should be united in the battle against cancer.  

David Freeman - Treasurer

Board Member (Fairfax, VA) - Born in Alabama, David moved to the DC area five years ago to work as a Program Manager. He managed application development projects for DOJ and DHS. He now manages a technology department for Red Coats Inc located in Bethesda, MD. David co-founded a tech consulting company and a software company, both of which were bought by larger companies. Afterwards, he formed and budgeted for the technology department as the CIO with a County/City government for 11 years, He did his doctoral work in Management Information Systems while teaching at Auburn University in the College of Business. He served on the Boards for Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club and organization helping battered and abused women/children. He lives in Fairfax with his Filipina wife Shirley who is a certified caregiver for Seniors with Parkinson or Alzheimer.


Aissa Encomienda 
Board of Director  (Baltimore, Maryland)

Aissa,  currently works as a Senior Loan Mortgage Officer, Area Director  of Wise Lending (Commercial Loans) Real Estate Investor, Minority  Business Licensed, Small Business Licensed, PE Dance Teacher at Royal International Christian Academy and most of all, she’s a loving Mom for 2 Boys.  She loves to dance and help other people.  She has been a Zin or Zumba Instructor for 6 years now. Aissa participated in various Zumba  Fundraising events  like Breast Cancer,  Youth for Christ and started her Yearly Fundraising for the School of the Blind in the Philippines.  This is very close to her heart because she’s also Legally Blind. In 2007, Aissa’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and seeing her going to couple of surgeries and treatments including the double mastectomy Aissa became a full time caregiver and took it as a blessing to take care of her loving Mom.  Aissa also witnessed her mother’s roller coaster emotions & depressions and it was not easy for their family.  

In 2008, her Mom  was declared cancer free but she passed away in July 2010 because of a stroke.  Aissa’s aunt in Canada lost her battle on breast cancer in 2008 fighting for 4 years.  She was only 46 years old and her uncle in Canada is currently fighting colon cancer.  Aissa is a big supporter of FACC!

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