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Josie Moralidad Ziman

President/Founder (Alexandria, VA)

Josie Moralidad Ziman is a 2018 breast cancer survivor and a symbol of strength and kindness. Overcoming breast cancer, she didn't let tough times hold her back. Instead, she started the Filipino American Cancer Care to help others facing cancer both in the Philippines, United States and beyond. 

As a broadcast journalist and White House Correspondent representing Radio Mindanao Network, Iloilo City, Philippines Josie shares stories of success and survival, highlighting the resilience of Filipinos. She previously worked as a writer for the Manila Mail newspaper, contributing her talents and insights to its publications until its closure. Hosting the weekly radio program "Pilipinas sa Amerika," Josie highlights the life experiences and success stories of Filipinos in the United States. The show airs live every Saturday from 10:30-11 pm (Eastern Time) and Sunday from 10:30-11 am (Philippine Time), accessible via online live stream and Facebook and “On The Air With FACC” on PHLV RADIO in Las Vegas, a cancer advocacy show.  Her book, "The Filipino-American Journey," not only captures the essence of a community but also tells inspiring stories of hard work, faith and togetherness.


Josie's leadership and journalism skills have earned her many awards, including the 2023  International Golden Globe Achievers Award, Outstanding Community Leader in 2018 by the United Federation of Filipino American Educators in the US (UNIFFIED), 2022 Outstanding Excellence in the Field of Journalism awarded by Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc. (PACCAL). From Iloilo City to the United States, her journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and the pursuit of a meaningful life. 

Josie, alongside her husband Barry Ziman and their beloved dog General Ziman radiates warmth and love in their home. Her passions for photography, gardening, and literature reflect a life well-lived, reminding us all that strength, purpose and joy can be found in even the smallest moments. She proves that even in tough times, we can inspire others with our stories.

Carl Abella

Board Director (Bethesda, MD) - Carl is the CEO and Owner of Alpha Travel Services for more than 4 decades, graduated with a Master's degree in Business Administration with HONORS @ George Washington University In Washington DC.  He is the first Filipino to become a member of Amadeus which is the worlds leading travel technology to power better journeys for billions of people.   He is a multi-awarded community leader and had been one of the recipients of various Filipino-American awards.  Carl was born and raised in Sampaloc, Manila.  At a young age, he lost his mother to ovarian cancer. Deprived of funds and food Carl became homeless and worked odd jobs to feed and clothe himself.  Some good friends and their families took him in and even helped him go to school.  He came to the U.S. in 1972 after graduating from high school with the intention of making his life better so he can also help the people who were once hungry like him.  Often times at the gift-giving activity, Carl would carry big and heavy bags of chocolates and other snacks to give to the poor kids in the Philippines. “You don't know how it feels to be hungry and long for food or for something as simple as a chocolate.” Carl would always say that and would travel all over the Philippines including remote places like Calauit, Palawan, the slums of Manila, and the mountains of Luzon and Davao.  He is always excited to meet the locals and wanted to tell them that Filipinos abroad haven’t forgotten them. That they should strive to better themselves and pay forward what they have received.

Maria Zenaida Deza Steinhauer

Board of Director (West Orange, NJ) - Zenaida came to the United States in 1986 with her twin sons Patrick and Cedric.  She is the daughter of the late Dr. Ernesto C. Deza, a psychiatrist who practiced both in Iloilo, Philippines, and in the United States.  He died in the early 70s in the Philippines a year after he retired. Zenaida’s mother was from Banate, Iloilo from the Brillantes family. She passed away in 2012 in the Philippines.  Zenaida is an alumna of St. Paul College Iloilo, a nurse by profession, and married to a Jewish person, William (Bill) Steinhauer.  As a retired nurse, Zenaida wishes to make a difference in the life of every cancer patient by serving the community.  She believes that Filipino-Americans should be united in the battle against cancer.  

Allan Gadia-
Treasurer/ Board of Director (
Fort Washington, MD) – is a native Washingtonian and seasoned telecommunications professional, currently is a Network Planner and oversees the Field Services team at Allied Telecom. In 2019, he achieved the distinction of earning a Master of Science in Financial Management and Information Systems from the University of Maryland.

Before his tenure at Allied Telecom, Allan held the role of Deputy Director of Finance & Technical Services at The Koba Institute. Notably, during his time with Koba, he took on the additional responsibility of serving as their Computer-Based Learning Specialist. In this capacity, Allan played a pivotal role in establishing educational programs tailored for adolescents with special needs, facilitating their journey to earn a high school diploma.

Allan currently resides in Fort Washington, Maryland, where he shares his life with his devoted wife, Laarni, and together they are parents to two wonderful children, September Leeh and John Audrey Paul. In his spare time Allan enjoys activities such as fishing and bowling with friends. Remarkably, since 2010, he has also served as a Professional Wedding Planner, dedicated to creating joyous and memorable experiences for couples on their special day.

A significant source of inspiration for Allan is his father, a survivor of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This profound familial connection and his father's resilience serve as major motivators for Allan's enthusiasm in contributing to FACC, underscoring his commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Aissa Encomienda 
Board of Director  (Baltimore, Maryland)

Aissa,  currently works as a Senior Loan Mortgage Officer, Area Director  of Wise Lending (Commercial Loans) Real Estate Investor, Minority  Business Licensed, Small Business Licensed, PE Dance Teacher at Royal International Christian Academy and most of all, she’s a loving Mom for 2 Boys.  She loves to dance and help other people.  She has been a Zin or Zumba Instructor for 6 years now. Aissa participated in various Zumba  Fundraising events  like Breast Cancer,  Youth for Christ and started her Yearly Fundraising for the School of the Blind in the Philippines.  This is very close to her heart because she’s also Legally Blind. In 2007, Aissa’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and seeing her going to couple of surgeries and treatments including the double mastectomy Aissa became a full time caregiver and took it as a blessing to take care of her loving Mom.  Aissa also witnessed her mother’s roller coaster emotions & depressions and it was not easy for their family.  

In 2008, her Mom  was declared cancer free but she passed away in July 2010 because of a stroke.  Aissa’s aunt in Canada lost her battle on breast cancer in 2008 fighting for 4 years.  She was only 46 years old and her uncle in Canada is currently fighting colon cancer.  Aissa is a big supporter of FACC!

Shirley V. Tanuyan 
Board of Director BSN RN CDP (Anaheim, California)

- Shirley is the Founder & CEO of Origins Home Health Care & Origins Home Health Care Plus that has generated over 7 figures income & has created more job opportunities merely within a short 2 years of founding home care despite challenging situation & fierce competition.  She started her nursing career at a very young age. Coming from a big family and a culture of love, care and respect for their parents, she helped them take care of her younger siblings while they went to work to meet their financial needs. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing to start her formal nursing career in a government medical center.  In 2003, Shirley was diagnosed with breast cancer.  For her, it was a shame and stigma to have cancer.  She did not want to tell her friends what she was going through thinking they would feel pity on her and she was ashamed.  Even after she went back to work, when her colleagues asked her if she is okay, and if she was ready to go back to work, it made her upset and angry. She always tells them that she’s okay and they should not be soliciting or asking confidential information. She survived her oral chemo treatment and radiation went well. She went for every 6 months to follow up mammogram for several years after and was followed up by her surgeon.  Shirley is thankful for the gift of life that God gives her. She believes that nobody should be alone in their struggle and giving  hope and encouragement to others through sharing your own story, may be what they need to hear that makes a difference between hope and despair.​

Ivie "Ivette" Pray
FACC Board of Director ​(Baltimore, Maryand)   
Ivette “Ivy” Pray is a wife, a mom (of 2 adult kids), and a nurse. She works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with a Maternal Child background for the past 28 years. She is a strong advocate and a strong supporter of the fight against cancer. She enjoys volunteering and helping others. She enjoys helping when and where she can. As a member of the Board of Advisors, her goal is to support Ms. Josie Ziman’s mission and vision for FACC and to be there for those affected by cancer. She plans to advocate for our community and help educate everyone she comes across about FACC and its goals. FROM IVY: I was asked to be a member of FACC’s Board of Advisors in November 2022. Before I begin, I’d like to explain the timeliness of everything. I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. It was just this past October 2022 when I first met Ms. Josie Moralidad Ziman’s face to face. Thanks to Aissa and Ray Encomienda for introducing us. I had a few short conversations with Ms. Ziman regarding her plans and goals for her growing organization. It was at that moment when I realized that I wanted to volunteer for her biggest fundraiser for FACC… The FACC Fashion Show featuring Filipino designers showcasing their talent where many of the models were cancer survivors. I was so impressed with the size of her heart. I knew I wanted to be side by side with Ms. Ziman reaching for her mission and vision to help give to those struggling with cancer. The next month, in November 2022, Ms. Josie Ziman asked me to be a member of the Board. I was so thrilled but didn’t know how to respond to her. What she didn’t know was that I was going through my own struggles. I was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer. By Mid- November, I saw the oncologist and made the decision to have surgery in January 2023. I have now recovered and am ready to celebrate life WITH YOU ALL!

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