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FACC’s NextGen Leaders Outreach Initiative

Excelsa De Jesus

FACC Young Ambassador (New York) - Excelsa is a young philanthropist, virtuoso performer, model, and beauty queen.  She graduated from the American Musical And Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, NY majoring in Musical Theater. She was awarded by NY PIDC’s “Artist of Exceptional Ability,” as well as PACCAL’s “Entertainer of the Year.” Having done multiple solo concerts in NY, Florida, and the Philippines, Excelsa has shared the stage with famous celebrities such as Kristin Chenoweth in Broadway, Martin Nievera, Lani Misalucha, Pilita Corales, Regine and Ogie Alcacid, Gary Valenciano, Sarah Geronimo, Eric Santos, Morisette Amon, and Jose Marie Chan to name a few. Besides being the Miss Republic of the Philippines International 2018-2020, she has a very compassionate heart and makes annual trips to the Philippines for charity and missionary work. She uses her voice to uplift and inspires those around her to be the driving power of change.

Katrina Manabat

​FACC Young Ambassador For Health Affairs and Programming Events (Ellicott City, Maryland) -  Katrina is currently a sophomore Nursing Major at Stevenson University in Owings Mills and a consistent honor student. She began singing at the age of 4 and taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and has loved performing ever since. At Archbishop Spalding High School, she was a part of many vocal groups, she accompanied other choruses on the piano, and performed in Spalding Musical Theatre productions every year. She won the Accompanist Award at the Festival Music Competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2016; the Maestro Award at the WorldStrides Music Competition in Nashville, Tennessee in 2017; and received the Outstanding Vocalist and Outstanding Musician Awards throughout all four years of high school. At the end of her senior year in 2019, she won the Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Award from the Cappies of Baltimore for her performance as the Drowsy Chaperone in “The Drowsy Chaperone.” At Stevenson University, she won first place at “Stevenson’s Got Talent” and top four competitors in the grand finals of the Baltimore Loves Talent on ABC WMAR 2. Throughout the first few months of quarantine, she was chosen to sing in a handful of virtual singing events and competitions. For the past few years, she has also been performing at many charitable organizations including FACC events. She also loved powerlifting as part of her health and wellness interests. 

Lorenzo Bustamante 

FACC Young Ambassador For Community and Programming Events (Leesburg, VA)- Lorenzo is from Ashburn, Virginia. He has a passion for theatre and has starred in several theatrical productions in Northern VA for the past 5 years. He is a Junior at Briarwood High School and is currently an active member and participant of the School's Chorus and Theatre program. He is proud of his Filipino heritage and is very excited to be part of FACC’s mission to help people with cancer

Lance Encomienda (Baltimore, Maryland)

FACC Young Ambassador - Pursuing a career in Real Estate to Help the Family Business. and at the same time getting into Child Behavior Education- Focus on Special Needs Children. Lance is a Volunteer at Feed the Homeless in Washington DC & Baltimore City, as well as Sunday School Ministry at His Church ( River Of Life  Christian Fellowship). Lance helps His Mom with Fundraisings like Breast Cancer and Fundraising for the  School for the Blind Philippines. He Competed & Won various Regional & International School competitions. In 2017 Regional 1st Place in Famous Speech, International 6th Place in Famous Speech, Regional 3rd Place in Group Bible Speaking. In 2018 Regional 1st Place Famous Speech, 2nd Place in Group Bible Speaking, International 4th Place in Group Bible Speaking, In 2019 Regional 3rd in Group Bible Speaking, 2nd in Choir Small Ensemble. He wants to continue to serve God by Joining the Music Ministry as Lead Guitarist. Helping His Mom For their Foundation "Mission For Vision" focusing on helping the Visual Impaired & mentally Challenge  Children in the Philippines.

Gabriel "Gabe" Enconmienda (Baltimore, Maryland)

FACC Young Ambassador - Presently Freshman College at Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia, taking Exercise Medicine/Dietician He was awarded a Full Scholarship (8 - Semesters). Gabe is a Worship Leader at River of Life International Christian Church, outside of taking Academic Courses Gabe is taking Classes in Worship & Christian Music. Gabe graduated Highschool at Royal International Academy with Highest GPA & Honors. He was the President of Student Council School Year 2020-2021. He is a Volunteer at Feed the Homeless in Washington DC & Baltimore City, He is a Volunteer at Feed the Homeless in Washington DC & Baltimore City, He competed & Won Regional & International School Competitions, 2017 International Competition He won 6th Place for Junior Preacher, 5th Place for Solo Piano, In 2018 Regional Competition He won 2nd Place on Physical Fitness, 3rd Place on Solo Piano. In the 2019 Regional Competition, He won 2nd Place Solo Piano, Ist Place on Act Play & in International He won 3rd Place on Solo Piano, 1st on One Act Play, 2020 Virtual Regional Competition He won 1st Place in Solo Piano, 1st on Solo Male Voice, In 2021 Regional He won 1st Place in Solo Piano, He won 2nd Place in PowerPoint Presentation, In 2021 International He won 3rd place Solo Piano, 4th in Expressive Reading, 4th in Table Tennis, & most of all the3rd CAP Award (awards on all categories with highest points). He helps His Mom with various Fundraising like Breast Cancer, Youth for Christ & The School for the Blind, Philippines, He's goal is to continue to serve God through Music & as a Worship Leader, continue to help others, especially the Blind Children in the Philippines. He also Helps His Mom with the Foundation called "Mission for Vision (Philippines) It's their Family Non-Profit Organization.


Ryan Marc Ferrer Subigca (Iloilo City, Philippines)

FACC Young Ambassador - Ryan  is 20 years old and first year college student of West Visayas State University.  He is a  Student leader, and a Volunteer. As a young ambassador of Filipino American Cancer Care,  Ryan believes that he is called to make a difference in the lives of others by using his voice to influence and promote awareness about this serious disease. According to him, those who are suffering and fighting cancer should know that at the end of the day, the triumph will ultimately be found in Christ. No one is alone in this battle.  He said that cancer is a grave illness that has a wide range of effects on people's lives. It has numerous therapeutic alternatives, but the problem is that most individuals are ignorant of them and do not conduct frequent examinations.

Juan Sebastian Casem (Manila, Philippines)

FACC Young Ambassador - Sebastian Casem is a scholar currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Materials Engineering at UP-Diliman. His rigorous education in the sciences began in the 7th Grade at Philippine Science High School. This allowed him to gain a broader insight into the issues the field faces that overlaps with social aspects as well. Aside from his academics, he explores his creative side through dancing, singing, and writing. He also dabbles in freelancing with the goal of improving his skills in social media management and graphic designing. He aims to use his artistic side as a vehicle to bring information to the public. Through this he hopes to that people become more receptive to scientific knowledge which would guide them to making sound decisions and dispel misinformation.  Sebastian believes that the stigma surrounding cancer must be shattered; it is possible to survive one.  According to him, we have to shift the focus on getting everybody involved, i.e., getting checked for early detection. That way cancer- related healthcare is forced to become more accessible. Research aimed at developing inexpensive detection and prevention methods, possibly better treatments, will also increase. 

Sebastian’s loving mother Ann is currently a breast cancer warrior/survivor.

Amanda Russo, ( Pennsylvania)
FACC Young Ambassador 

Amanda Russo is the Miss Young Philippines USA 2019-2020, an

EAST COAST Runway Model of the Year 2018, ManilaUp Magazine Cover.  She participated in Philadelphia Fashion Week, Atlantic City Fashion Week, University of Delaware Fashion show, and an Ice skating gold medalist at the age of 5.

Amanda believes that “Cancer” is an absolutely devastating disease. It comes unexpectedly and affects  not only the loved ones but millions of people around the world. She personally has family members and people that are part of her life that she holds close to her heart as they’ve been diagnosed with cancer. 

Luckily they were fortunate enough to have good insurance and have had the opportunity to get the care they need to survive. Finding out that you or a loved one has cancer is very difficult. 

She knows that it is important that we raise awareness on the fight against cancer. When we work together we can help loved ones and those in need to fight this relentless disease. Step by step we can fight cancer together, raising awareness is just the first step to helping millions according to Amanda.


Trinity Hope Antoc Bosley (Baltimore Maryland)
FACC Young Ambassador 
Trinity is a 7-year old 2nd Grade student at Liberty University Online Academy.  She is bi-lingual (Tagolog) with vast multi-cultural experience. Trinity is sweat-hearted and wonderfully kind young girl who likes to give, smile, play and make others laugh.  She is truly funny and uniquely gifted.  She is bubbly, energetic, and loving, and a pure joy to be with.  She has deep faith in God and commitment to family – remarkable traits that shine right through her young and vibrant 7-year old personality. Trinity loves singing and performing.  She has performed in front of large audiences in many high-profile events, including as a featured performer with the rock group Aegis, pop-star Marcelito Pomoy, Jake Zyrus, Joey G. of the Side A Band, Pokwang, and Kaye Brosas.  She has been a featured guest on programs such as Bombo Radyo Cebu, Edge TV Philippines, Tinig Pinoy TV Canada, TaTak Pinoy Loud & Proud (Dubai Radio) and Muse of Music (on-line webcast).  Trinity was spotlighted in a high-profile segment on GMA Pinoy TV as a global inspiration during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Trinity has performed in several Pageants and Filipino-American multi-cultural events throughout the east-coast of the United States.  Trinity was most recently selected as Ms. Filipino Heritage for Maryland and Washington D.C.

 Trinity is a brown belt in Taekowndo, for which she has been a full-time practicing student since she was 3 years old.  She has won top-performer and good citizen awards for multiple years running since starting in martial arts, where she is one of the youngest to earn such a high rank at such a young age.  

 Trinity enjoys Ballet, ice skating, horseback riding, piano, software coding and programming (enrolled in computer coding academy), and learning new languages and cultures.  She is learning Korean at Ellicott City Korean Academy, an academy that combines teaching English to 1st generation Korean-American Children and Korean to non-Korean children in an integrated, fully immersed environment.   Trinity was presented with the Performance Excellence for Kinder and 1st Grade from Liberty University Online Academy and best in Engineering and Science Studies from Fairfax Tech Expo and Engineering Academy. Trinity has an upcoming prime-time concert on November 19, 2022 with Morisette, Christian Bautista and Erik Santos in Washington D.C.  Trinity and her family are honored to be a part of the Filipino American Cancer Care.


Keilah Hervias (Marion, Virginia) 
FACC Young Ambassador 

Keilah Hervias was born in New York City to Ilonggo parents Rosemary Idemne Hervias and Francis Hervias.  She studied in the Philippines for 6 years and she is now a Junior at Marion Senior High School in Marion, Virginia.  Her hobbies are dancing, filming videos, editing, writing, traveling, singing, drawing, painting and cooking.  She is also YouTube content creator with 2.8k subscribers.  After winning the class writer of the month in 1st grade, she developed an interest in writing.  She joined journalism workshops from 4th to 6th grade, brown belt in tae kwon do, Marion Middle School Cheerleader 2018-2020 and at a young age has already received several writing awards in the Philippines and United States.  

When Keilah was nine years old, she discovered that her great grandfather has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. When she visited him at the hospital he was already bedridden and being feed through a tube. During those times at the hospital,  she saw how he suffered the symptoms of cancer and having the constant pain and difficulty while trying to interact with the family. After the decision to stop the treatment and bring him home  Keilah spent her time helping take care of him and making him smile through her storytelling, dancing, singing, acting, and her aspirations to become a doctor one day.  

Looking back, Keilah realized that she may not remember any memories of him before he got cancer because she was young but she is grateful that she was given the chance to spend time to make some memories with him in his remaining days even if it was only a short period. 

Keilah believes that cancer treatment can be a long, difficult, and expensive process and not everyone can afford to go through the process of receiving treatment. This is why some patients turn down getting treated for cancer and it is heartbreaking for them to decide that but with the help of public charities, private foundations, and events such as the FACC Fashion Festival it gives them hope to fight and win against cancer. There are also some cases of cancers that can not be prevented or are incurable for now but she hopes that as we advanced into the future with well-funding for research to find the best treatment and medicine cases like such will decrease and more lives saved will increase.

Keilah would like to help in spreading cancer awareness to raise more funds for both cancer patients and research and to lower the risks of getting cancer so lesser people will be diagnosed with cancer and will still be able to spend their time making memories with the people they love the most because time may be long but life is short.


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