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Bahay Kubo is a typical native house from the Philippines stemmed from the basic needs and a huge part of the Filipino culture. The owner and founder of Bahay Kubo, Lalaine Hill started the idea of building this business because it helped her ease the feeling of missing everything from her hometown since she moved to the United States back in 2019. 

The thought of being away from her family and friends was hard enough let alone the struggle of finding comfort food to ease the feeling of getting homesick each time. It took Lalaine about a year to find an Asian store that sells and offers her favorite dried fish or "tuyo" after a long time of searching!  The idea of building Bahay Kubo started with Lalaine's Pinoy food cravings.  For Lalaine, it is really frustrating not being able to find most of the things that you crave for when you walk into any Asian stores.  Lalaine believes that Bahay Kubo Online Store will not only make things easy for everyone but it is also very convenient in saving time and efforts.  

Aside from running Bahay Kubo, Lalaine currently works as a full-time Group Reservations Coordinator at Fort Belvoir Military Base in Virginia.  She immigrated to the United States in 2019 but was born and raised in Davao City, Philippines.  She spent most of her adulthood working as an overseas Filipino worker in Malaysia, Dubai and other countries.  Her father died of cancer when she was 6 years old, and her life drastically changed and was never been the same again. One of the reasons why Bahay Kubo and Lalaine support FACC is to be able to help cancer patients.  Lalaine may not be able to help all of them, but helping one cancer patient at a time will make a big difference.

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