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Cancer Care Pinoy Package

Cancer Care Pinoy Package - We know about the little, day-to-day challenges that an individual impacted with cancer is faced with. It can be difficult to know how to help family, friends and coworkers who are diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment. Sending a unique Cancer Care Pinoy Package is a way to show support from near or far. Our packages are filled with products with a purpose to help ease the short-term side effects of treatment and are designed to brighten a cancer patient’s day as well as caregivers. The objective of this service is to provide cancer care packages and make moments for anyone impacted by cancer. We believe everyone impacted by cancer should feel loved, supported and empowered to live better with a diagnosis through survivorship. Those who are interested to this program can donate to FACC and request to have a care package sent to a friend or loved one. In addition to sending individual care packages, we also assemble and deliver packages to patients in hospitals and cancer centers in the DMV area. These will be the care packages we want to offer: Baskets For Women, Baskets for Men and Baskets for Children.

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